Wireless Fence 2 in 1 Dog Outdoor Training Collar

$238.90 $266.90


This is a Reliable and Safe Wireless Dog Fence System. It provides WiFi connection instead of wire connection that makes the installation much easier than before.

Transmitter as the center, provides the radius of control range up to 160 yards. When your dog approaches the boundary beyond setting range, the receiver collar under dog neck will send a warning vibrate at first.

If your dog keeps running to the boundary, the receiver will issue shock with gradually stronger intensity until your dog returns back to the pet area.


Please fully charge the product and install the antenna before using it.

This product is not applicable to indoor use since there are too many interference factors in indoor.

Don't put the receiver collar on your dog when the system is tested. Your pet may receive an unintended correction.

It is important that you reinforce training with your pet on a regular basis for 15-25 days before using this fence system.

Make sure the Metal Contacts get touched with the dog's skin

Wireless Fence 2 in 1 Dog Outdoor Training Collar

$238.90 $266.90