Waterproof Fence Containment Dog Training Collar

$228.90 $255.80


Proportional Pulse Stimulation: The closer your dog gets to the borderline, the greater the shock intensity.

Increasing pitch stimulus: First of all, a warning sound will be issued. If your dog continues to be close to the boundary line, it will send an electric shock.

Variable range control: Lets you better control the signal range.

Audible and visible wire damage indicator-When your buried wire is damaged, a loud warning sound will accompany the flash.

Speed Detector: The faster your dog moves, the faster the intensity level it emits will increase.

Built-in lightning protection device: protect the converter when lightning strike causes high voltage current.

adjustable signal range, the trigger distance between the receiver and the border can be adjusted 1-5 meters.

Sound and visual indicator of disconnection: If the buried cable is disconnected, a loud alarm sounds and flashes.

Multi-collar operation: it can be added to all the animals you have. There is no animal control quantity system.

The range reaches 5000 square meters (over 1.2 acres).

Receiver function operation

1. Press the power switch once, power on and the red light flashes, and the receiver is automatically in Beeps+vibration+shock mode.
2. Press the power switch once more, the green light flashes, and the fence will automatically enter the Beeps+vibration mode.
3. Press the power switch again to turn off the host.

Package Contents

1 * Indoor wall transmitter
1 * Power plug
1 * Adjustable Collar Receiver
1 * USB rechargeable cable
1 * Remote control transmitter
1 * 300m long border power cord.(cable 1.0mm)
2 * Additional metal contacts
20 * Training flags
1 * Tester
3 * Spiral nails
1 * User manual
1 * Test light

Waterproof Fence Containment Dog Training Collar

$228.90 $255.80