Premium Large Dog Skull Collar


About this item

Our dogs are also in need of fashion because now it is a trendy age! Do you agree with this? We believe your dog will get many compliments because of this personality chain Dog collar carving cool skulls.

It's Stainless Steel Over Hand Polished Stainless Steel chain with high strength and hardness, heavy, durable, no rust, or tarnish, ensuring many years of use! We designed unique, attractive and cool skulls on every loops. It is will be more attractive in person.

Do you have a dog that likes to chew? If yes, then this Collar is perfect! The unique and hip hop stylish link chain collar looks cool on both male and female dogs. It's designed for medium and large active breed dogs like Cavapoo, Jack Russell, Rottweilers, Pitbulls, American Bullys, German Shepherds, Huskys, Newfoundlands, Belgian Malinois, Saint Bernards and English Bulldogs it can handle the rough breeds.



​XS: 32mm*35cm     

S: 32mm*40cm                    

M: 32mm*45cm                 

L: 32mm*50cm                   

XL: 32mm*55cm                  

2XL: 32mm*60cm                

3XL: 32m*65cm                  

4XL: 32mm*70cm                

5XL: 32mm*75cm                 

6XL: 32mm*80cm                

Leash: 32mm*90cm (90cm is the total length include the leather)

Premium Large Dog Skull Collar