Stainless Steel 18K Gold Metal Dog Collar

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A cool dog should have a cool, designer dog collar! Perfect as a pitbull collar, our fancy dog chain is strong, stylish, and comfortable. The Cuban-link slip chain is made of ultra-strong 316L Stainless Steel, which will NEVER rust or irritate your dog's skin.

▸ Badass Dog Jewelry - Dog jewelry and designer dog collars keeps getting more popular, but most are made for small wimpy dogs. The heavy duty design of this collar will make your pitbull or large dog look even more badass!

▸ Strong & Durable - Stainless steel is incredibly strong and will never rust or tarnish, making it the perfect material for a metal dog collar. Each dog collar is made of solid 316L stainless steel, and has a polished finish.

▸ Stylish Comfort - The wide Cuban chain looks great around your dog's neck while remaining comfortable for hours of wear, and will not ruin your dog's coat like many choke collars or prong collars that dig into the skin.

▸Great for Gifts - Each dog collar is carefully packed in a luxurious black velvet pouch for safekeeping or giving as a gift!

Collar length should be 1''+ longer than the widest part of your dog's head.

The collar length does not include the end-rings (chain length only)

Example: If the widest part of your dog's head is 17'', choose a collar at least 18'' long

Size: 14mm width

12''(30.5cm),suit for collar girth 10''(25.4cm);

14''(35.5cm),suit for collar girth 12''(30.5cm);

16''(40.6cm),suit for collar girth 14''(35.55cm);

18''(45.7cm),suit for collar girth 16''(40.6cm);

20''(50.8cm),suit for collar girth 18''(45.7cm);

22''(55.9cm),suit for collar girth 20''(50.8cm);

24''(60.1cm),suit for collar girth 22''(55.9cm);

26''(66cm),suit for collar girth 24''(60.1cm);

28''(71.1cm),suit for collar girth 26''(66cm);

30''(76.2cm),suit for collar girth 28''(71.1cm);

Note: This item has no retail box.

Stainless Steel 18K Gold Metal Dog Collar

$114.80 $129.99