Squeaky Snowman Pet Chewy Toys

Squeaky Snowman Pet Chewy Toys

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Bump design

This tooth cleaning toy uses a bump design, which is conducive to deep cleaning of the oral cavity.

Puzzle-leakage design

This snowman toy adopts a puzzle-leakage design in the middle of its belly, which can improve the intelligence of pets.

Sounding airbag

This tooth cleaning toy contains a sounding airbag. When the dog bites the head/belly with its mouth, the toy will bark, which can better attract the dogs attention.

Elastic & soft

The inside of this dog toy uses two layers of lining, which is filled with velvet material, and is soft and elastic, not easy to be deformed, and stronger bite resistance.

Scope of application

This Christmas toy is specially designed for dogs, which can effectively prevent depression and relieve boredom.


Material: corduroy

Item color: red

Taste: beef aroma

Applicable dogs: medium and large dogs

Size: 21*14*12cm/8.25*5.5*4.72inch (L*W*H)

Net Weight:130g/4.59oz


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