Squeaky Dinosaur Dog Toy

$46.90 $49.90


New ways to play pet toys- Teeth molar+clean teeth+vocalization+leakage of food+companionship

Solve the worries of pets being alone- Too busy at work and no time to accompany your pet dogs who are alone are lonely at home.

Ordinary toys- Easy to break, dogs don't like to play, have no interest.

Our toys- The combination of rubber and fluff is not easy to break, which can increase the interest of dogs.

Corduroy design- PP cotton filling, durable and bite resistant, effectively cleaning teeth.

Nibbles and sounds- Fun while chewing on the toy, the sound ball makes a sound, which effectively stimulates the dog's desire to play.

Soft material, protect the mouth- Soft filling inside, it will not hurt the dog's teeth and gums while cleaning the teeth. Leaking food design, eating and playing, grinding and cleaning teeth, allowing dogs to chew on toys, and also clean the mouth.

Companion when the dog is alone- The fabric easily absorbs the smell of the owner, even if the owner is not at home, the dog can feel at ease.

Size:21.2cm X 16.3cm

Product Size- Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-2cm error 

Squeaky Dinosaur Dog Toy

$46.90 $49.90