Slow Feeder Large Dog Food Bowl

Slow Feeder Large Dog Food Bowl

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* Product Information
SIZE: 238MM*52MM (9.37*2.04in)
WEIHT: Gross weight 0.45KG (0.997lb)

* Non-slip base, solid grip, not easily overturned
Easy to wash,Clean as new
Highly reasonable,Non-slip grip,Easy to clean

* Physical barrier,Fun anti-foraging
Hexagonal geometry shapes with small physical obstacles set to prevent your dog from choking while eating
The eating time is more than 10 times longer than the Ordinary bowl.
Ordinary food bowl is about 2 minutes,Forest labyrinth slow food bowl is about 20 minutes
It prevents choking and makes eating an interesting and healthy thing.

* Processed with fine craftsmanship, the bowl will not be worn easily
The bowl is made of the preferred ec.o friendly ABS material, and can be used safely.
Matte texture, smooth edges, as well as the anti-scratch and anti-impact features.

* Warm Prompts
This product is not suitable for microwave oven.
To make your dog healthier, it is recommended to wash the bowl and change the food/water frequently and to feed your dog regularly in a fixed quantity.


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