Rechargeable Remote Waterproof Dog Training Collar

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Product description: PT-TCO2 is remote bark stopper dog training collar. it make to use simple operation so it easy to use also deep waterproof. Remote made for 90 days battery life built in antenna


Easy to use: It simple operation which has physical buttons, simple and convenient operation. it also one click switching, concise and clear. Built in antenna, the appearance is more rounded and overall liquid silicone bottom shell, comfortable to touch

Strong penetration

Deep waterproof: The receiver is IP67 waterproof, and the pet dog is swimming or it can be worn on rainy days

Applicable for dogs

Long distance remote range: 300m remote control, to ensure that the dog is not out of control within sight, it has training + bark control function

Long- lasting battery life: The standby time of the remote control is 90 days (used 20 times a day). The standby time of the receiver is 55 days ( triggered 20 times a day)


Product name: sensor

Battery: 300mAh/3.7V lithium battery

Standby time: 55 days( 20 triggers per day)

Waterproof level: IP67

Product weight: 72 g

Product size: 71 X 36x36mm

Product number: PT-TCO2

Input voltage: DC5V/1A

Collar length: 25in/ 62cm

Wireless frequency: 1433.92MHZ

Operating temperature: - 10°c- +50°c

Storage temperature: -20°c - +50°c

Package included:

1 X Transmitter

1 X Receiver

1 X Test light

2 X Short electronic column

2 X Long electronic column

1 X USB Cable

1 X English Manual

Rechargeable Remote Waterproof Dog Training Collar

$178.90 $196.90