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Pineapple Fruit Fun Snuffle Mat

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1. The main fabric of the pineapple dog sniffing toy is polar fleece and felt cloth, which has a soft texture and bite resistance;

2. The pineapple body is filled with doll cotton, soft and elastic, suitable for small and medium-sized dogs to molar

3. There is a sound generator at the bottom of the pineapple to train puppies to vocalize and increase the fun of playing

4. The fabric on both sides of the pineapple toy is Oxford cloth and felt cloth, which can better protect the dog when chewing, and the double stitching makes it particularly durable.

5. Dogs can find countless surprises from pineapple toys. No matter the green leaves, the body of the pineapple, or even the bottom, there are a wealth of Tibetan food mouths, so dogs can't put it down

6. Dogs are able to exercise their senses and brain processing information in peace to obtain food and make them feel fulfilled. They are no longer afraid of being alone

7. This cute pineapple can eliminate anxiety, consume excess energy, and become smarter during play. It becomes his favorite companion toy in daily life




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