Peacock Design Pet Snuffle Mats

Peacock Design Pet Snuffle Mats

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PEACOCK dog snuffle mat

1. Peacock design snuffle dog mat to meet your dog's daily snuffle training exercise.

2. Multiple snuffling areas to hide dog foods or kibbles for training your dogs with slow eating

3. Peacock head with polyester stuffing inside and squeaky toys , your dog will be excited to play for hours

4. E-co friendly Soft fleece upper with anti slip bottom

5. Machine Washable

6. Pet expert says : 10 mins snuffle = 1 hour running

7. Release Extra energy and keep your pet calm down

8. Good for digestion because slow eatting

9. Ideal health care pet bowl mat for daily meal instead of traditional bowl

Size: 76cm x 51cm


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