Outdoor Dog Training Food Snack Bag

$35.90 $39.90


Belt buckle-can be dangled on the belt or belt

High quality 100% Polyester Durable and dirt-resistant

Left side pocket with zip pockets for poop bag.right side pockets for keys and other little items.
Deliver a belt,It can be fastened around the waist,sturdy design and impeccable craftsmanship.
Size of the opening can be adjusted with a drawstring.can be completely tightened to secure all the contents of the bag.
It's a perfect accessory for training dogs and walking dog in indoors or outdoors. Take this dog training snack bag and build a closer relationship with your pet dog


Package Included:

1x Dog Training Snack Bag,

1x belt

1x shoulder


Material:100% Polyester+PE+PVC

Adjustable Waistband Length:60-120CM

Outdoor Dog Training Food Snack Bag

$35.90 $39.90