Non Slip Pet Feeding Mat

$49.90 $55.80

Product features:

It can relieve the dog's mood, consume the dog's energy and improve the dog's intelligence.

Easy to clean, high quality felt cloth, does not hurt pet's skin, can be washed by hand and machine

Anti slip bottom, effectively fixed cushion, prevent slipping, so that the cushion will not run.

You can hide food everywhere, in green grass, Chinese cabbage, banana and strawberry.


Product material: rocking pile cloth + bottom anti slip plastic drop.

Product color: garden fruit and vegetable color.

Product size: 60 * 60cm.

Product weight: about 0.27kg.

Pastoral smelling pad: research shows that smelling for 10 minutes is equal to running for an hour, which can consume the energy of dogs and relieve their stress.

Non Slip Pet Feeding Mat

$49.90 $55.80