Interactive Tough Dog Crab Toy

$49.90 $58.80

About this item

It's a multi-functional dog toy that combines teeth grinding, tooth cleaning, and food leaking functions.Sturdy shell ,Your lovely dog will love it very much.

The new designed serrated molar bumps can be used in when the dog plays with the toy, thoroughly clean the dog's incisor, canine and molars.New designed dental cleaning channel.New designed dental cleaning channel.

The newly designed serrated molar has two bumps on it, with different sizes of bumps. the bump of the molars creates more friction against the molars.

The edge of the crab pincer column is specifically designed to clean your dog's incisors.

Smash resistant, bite resistant and fall resistant dog toys. The exterior is made of nylon with high hardness and the interior is made of soft material with high toughness TPR.This toy is specially designed for medium and large pet dogs to use for a long time.


Length: 4.72in

Width: 3.11in

Height: 3.80in

Weight: 8.15oz

Interactive Tough Dog Crab Toy

$49.90 $58.80