Interactive 8 Shaped Dog Chew Toy

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Made with natural non-toxic durable rubber, satisfy dogs' natural urges to gnaw, hunt, chase.

The little nubbins can help clean the teeth, promote healthy teeth and gums.

Helps pet develop proper chewing habits, redirect potentially destructive chewing behaviors into positive playtime.

Hard chew strength, feature squeaks to help entice play, provide a long lasting enjoyment and improves dog's oral hygiene as he plays.

Squeaks feature to help entice play, keep dogs mentally and physical entertained, keep them busy for hours on end and away from precious shoes and furniture.


Solid bite-resistant toys. TPR material with high  toughness, softness  and hardness is suitable for dogs to chew and grind teeth, will not hurt the dog's gums during the tooth replacement period, and will not lose the grinding function because it is too soft.

It can float and can be played in water.

The spiral structure can rub against the dog's teeth and reduce the calculus.

Material: TPR
Color: blue
Size: about 8 * 27cm/3.15*10.63in, weight about 195g

Interactive 8 Shaped Dog Chew Toy

$36.90 $39.90