High Quality Foldable Pet Drying Box

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The drying box can be used with a hair dryer or a water blower. There are two air inlets on the left and upper side, and the air outlet on the right. The hot air inside is very even.

It is recommended to dry your pet with an absorbent towel as much as possible after bathing. It only takes 10-30 minutes to dry the hair, with an average of 15 minutes.

The drying box is made of Oxford cloth. The top and front are designed with scratch-resistant mesh. It is wrapped with thick webbing. It is very durable and can effectively prevent pets from scratching and biting.

Most pets use it very well. For pets who are particularly timid or who don't like to use the hair dryer, they can put some snacks in the drying oven or play with them, and wait for the pet to adapt before taking a bath and drying.

This is not only a drying box, it is used as a car nest when going out, a pet nest at home, and a drying box for bathing

Features & details

【Drying acceleration】 The double-window design is convenient for pets to enter, and the air circulation is good. With a hair dryer, the pets can dry faster.

【Easy to carry】Foldable, light weight, easy to carry, and space saving.

【Insulation layer】The two-layer insulation layer slows heat loss to prevent sudden coldness and keep pets warm.

【Multifunctional】 It can also be used as an outdoor tent. The grid design can prevent insects and mosquitoes from biting, and it can be placed in the suitcase.Pet Car Seat

【Easy to clean】 Rinse with clean water, hang it in a ventilated place for easy drying, and prepare for next use. This will be the best drying box for your pet.

【Size】 52CM*52CM*40CM , suitable for dogs or cats under 16 kg.(Manual measurement has 2-3cm error.)

【Material】Oxford cloth+Polyester

【Weight】About 750g(±20g)

High Quality Foldable Pet Drying Box

$129.90 $139.90