Flannel Dog Puzzle Snuffle Mat

Flannel Dog Puzzle Snuffle Mat

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High quality dog interactive fun snuffle mat

Dog Training Toys: It is a unique dog training mat that allows your dog to find snacks or small toys hidden in the mat keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated and help relieve stress and relax

Training Pad: It helps to train your dog's smell, consume your dog's energy and lose weight. Keep your dog occupied and avoid your dog being bored and engaged in destructive behavior.

Relieve Stress: It can help dogs relieve stress and relax when you are alone at home. It is very suitable for anxious, nervous or older dogs as well as dogs with disabilities.

Easy to Clean: Easy to clean and store, the dog sniffing pad can be cleaned by machine and used for outdoor travel.

Large Size: 70*45cm / 27.5 * 17.7in,Very suitable for small, medium dogs.


Color: blue

Size: about 70*45cm

Weight: about 155g

Material: flannel, felt cloth

Purpose: pet sniffing mat/training mat/work activity mat/decorative mat


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