Electric Rotating Cats Toys

$66.90 $76.90


Turntable cat toy-feather stick

This is an interactive cat toy that can double as a cat training device.

Hunting does not move, naughty feather toys provide body and mind

Exciting, it's fun!

Healthy exercise: physical and mental development,

Emotions and behaviors affect all healthy games.

There is a blue ball in the toy tray, so you can also get some catnip or

The snacks in the toy tray can arouse the kitten's interest.

There are four anti-skid pads on the bottom of the toy

Increase toy friction and protect the back of the toy

Technical data:
Type: electric rotating turntable + feather accessories
Pattern: Feather+Turntable
Material: feather and plastic
Size: about 20cm in length
Packing: 1*feather accessories+1*turntable (without battery)

Electric Rotating Cats Toys

$66.90 $76.90