Dogs Fun Puzzle Snuffle Mats

$59.90 $66.80


Material: Polar fleece + non-slip plastic bottom cloth

Product size: 70cm×70cm (Due to manual measurement, there will be an error of 1-3cm.)

Washing instructions: machine washable, hand washable

Product functions:

The sniffing pad is specially designed and developed for dogs. One is to train dogs to forage naturally;

The second is to let the dog relieve anxiety through sniffing, release the dog's pressure, and let the dog restore calm as soon as possible;

The third is to consume the dog's physical strength through sniffing, and avoid the dog's demolition and bite damage;

Fourth, the sniffing pad is very interesting, which can shorten the distance between the dog and the owner and enhance the relationship with the owner.


Multifunctional: This sniffing carpet is suitable for small, medium and large cats and dogs of all ages. This sniffing blanket can be used not only as a feeding pad, but also as an educational toy. When he/she is at home alone, the sense of smell will increase. It can help your dog/cat reduce stress and relax.

It may be more interesting to eat: you can hide cat/dog food/food under many decoding areas. Then guide your dog or cat to find food. This is fun for your pet, it will make your dog/cat eat slowly.

Contaminant-free materials: The sniffing carpet is made of high-quality felt cloth. It is environmentally friendly and reusable. This scenting partner can be washed by hand or in a washing machine.

Anti-trap: By searching for food, you can get used to bad habits of dogs/cats.

Anti-slip and foldable: The bottom surface of the sniffing carpet is anti-slip design. Sniffing blankets are not easy to run anywhere. When traveling with your pet, you can fold it and bring a cushion.

Dogs Fun Puzzle Snuffle Mats

$59.90 $66.80