Dog Pumpkin Toy Ball With Retractable Rope

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Multi-functional pet hand throwing ball: This is a pet toy that interacts with the main pet. It integrates multiple functions such as automatic telescoping hand throwing ball, pet yo-yo, molar ball and so on. This toy can bring more fun to the dog.

Automatic telescopic hand throwing the ball: The toy has a built-in automatic telescopic draw rope, which is put on the owner's finger through the round rope buckle at the other end of the draw rope, and then thrown after turning. With the help of inertia, the ball can be thrown far away. At the same time, the dog can be held back. Repeating this process can increase the dog's interest in playing and enhance the relationship between the owner and the dog.

Molar ball function: The pet ball can be directly given to the dog as a molar ball. The molar ball is arranged in a 360° full-enclosed pumpkin-shaped molar surface. There are multiple molar sockets on the ball body and a hard molar column on the top. It can thoroughly clean the food residue and dirt on the dog's incisors, molars . It is also possible to apply pet-specific toothpaste or attractant on the molar surface to allow dogs to brush their teeth.

Easy to use, suitable for playing in a variety of scenes: This product is simple to use and can be used directly without additional installation process. The interaction between the owner and the pet is very effective, which can increase the feelings between the main pet and make Dogs exercise and improve their physical fitness.

In the process of interaction with the owner, it can increase the dog's sense of happiness, relieve the dog's daily anxiety of boredom, so that the dog will not have the habit of destroying the family's furniture, clothes, etc. You can also free your master's hands, allowing the master to tease the dog and relax.


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Size: 6.9*6.8*6.8cm

Dog Pumpkin Toy Ball With Retractable Rope

$39.90 $46.90