Colorful Dog Snuffle Mat


High quality trendy dog interactive fun snuffle mat

Strengthen your pet's sense of smell, you can hide your dog's favorite food in the mat and let them to find out the food with their nose.

With this pet mat, pets can play alone while you are out.

Easy to clean, the mat can be wash by machine or hand.

Anti-slip cloth at the bottom to keep the mat still when pets eating.

Perfect for all breeds, all dogs or any other animals at any age can find pleasure in it.

Material: PVC + Polar Fleece

Features: Dog Toy, Sniffing Training, Washable, Pet Supplies, Anti-slip

Base Size: 30cm x 30cm/11.8" x 11.8" (Approx.)

Unfolded Size: 45cm x 45cm/17.7" x 17.7" (Approx.)

Colorful Dog Snuffle Mat