Automatic Smart Pets Electric Fountain

$79.90 $88.60


Simulation spring out of water: flow slowly like a stream, stimulate the interest of pets.

Anti-overflow design, not wet ground. *Intelligent anti-dry burning:automatic power outage when the machine is short of water.

Circulating filtration and purification to soften water quality, each drop is live water.

USB interface ,5W output voltage, safe and non-leakage.

Running without pump noise, producing only fine stream sound, decibels as low as 25 dB, to create sleep level mute.

Pet Automatic Water Fountain

​High Face Value Environmental Material Large Capacity Circulating Water Various Power Supply Anti-dry

Color: Green

Size: 21*16.5*13cm

Material: ABS

Weight: 610G

Capacity: 2.5L

Power Supply: USB Interface

Power: 5W

Automatic Smart Pets Electric Fountain

$79.90 $88.60