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Zoom Anti Gravity Hourglass Pet Fountain
Zoom Anti Gravity Hourglass Pet Fountain

Anti Gravity Hourglass Pet Fountain

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The anti-gravity fountain lamp uses basic scientific principles to create an anti-gravity optical illusion, and water droplets will rise.

This product is made of aluminum and has an elegant appearance.

Placed in a dim environment, the water will not actually float. Because of the light flickering frequency, it looks like it is floating. This is an optical illusion.

If you have medical problems with strobe lights, please do not buy them.

According to the actual use of some buyers, water will not flow out normally during use.

The reason for this problem is that air may be generated in the pump, and it cannot pump water normally and stops working.

If this product cannot pump water, please try the following steps.

1. Pour all the water.

2. Turn the product upside down more than 3 times, please operate slowly, in order to take out the air in the tube.

3. After the operation is over, you can add water again.


This product utilized principles of basic science to create an anti-gravity optical illusion that water drops appear to go upward. There are 3 modes of illusion. One is water droplets floating upwards, one is hovering briefly in the air, and the other is floating downwards

The negative ion generator at the bottom of the product creates 8 million negative air ions per cubic centimeter, forming a high concentration of negative ion barrier. The negative ion can combine bacteria, dust formaldehyde, second-hand smoke, PM2.5 particles into large particles of sedimentation, purifying the indoor air

With a submerged pump with a pure copper motor. The running time is only 20-35 dB

Please note that the newest model DOES NOT HAVE the glass covers due to production issues. Every product won't miss parts. One tube is placed on the back of the foam,which is easily overlooked. The pump may not work sometimes, you can fix it by trying the steps in instruction book or product description


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