800m Electric Waterproof Dog Training Collar

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Intelligent Dog Training Collar Waterproof Rechargeable With Remote Control Electric Pet Dog Training Collar

This product is by remote control vibration to complete the function of the Anti-bark, at the same time with voice command. 

Remote control anti-bark collar is a humane, safe and efficient digital electronic product for pet training. It is composed of a master remote controller and a radio receiving collar.

The receiving collar is carried on the pet's neck and controlled by the master remote controller. The receiving collar generates high frequency vibration. 

High frequency vibration is made of pet vibration interference current and no harm, to stop the dog barked and barked misconduct has the amazing effect, after the success of the vibrating interference master to tell your dog should not be made in time, the discipline for many times, the dog's bad behavior is significantly reduced, remote whistling sound used to convey the master's instructions, after training, A specific whistle will let the dog understand the master's instructions.


Eliminate one misbehavior or teach one obedience command at one time, if the training gets too fast, your pet may become confused and repel

Before using the shock mode to your pet, you should try vibration to your pet first

Observe the dog's reaction and make sure the training intensity not too much,Continuous wear time shall not exceed 6 hours

Examine the contact area daily for signs of a rash or a sore

If a rash or sore is found, discontinue use of the collar until the skin has healed

Applicable Dog BreedLarge Dog,Medium-sized Dog,Small Dog


Package Contents:The emitter * 1  The receiver * 1  TPU with * 1  The charger * 1  The power cord * 1  The test lamp * 1  Packing box * 1 Description * 1  

800m Electric Waterproof Dog Training Collar

$129.80 $138.90