2000m Walkie Talkie Dog Training Collar

$668.80 $699.90

For 3 Dogs walkies talkie dog training collar 2000m remote control

Wallie-talkie built-in Intercom system: Press the Talk button and speak into the mic on the transmitter handset, and your voice will sound through the speaker on the collar receiver unit. You can adjust the volume up or down by using the +/- buttons on the collar receiver unit.

Longer range remote control: Up to 2160yds/6500ft or 2000m range across clear unobstructed terrain.

Waterproof: Your pet can swim or walk in the rain with it.

100 Adjustable levels: Levels of vibration and shock are adjustable from 1 to 99, and you are advised to try the levels gradually to find the proper one when using this pet training system for the first time.

4 training modes: Sound, Vibrate, Shock, Talk

Blue back-light LCD screen: Can be used at night.

LED Flashlight: Use transmitter handset as a flashlight at night.Multi-channels: With 3 signal channels on the transmitter, it can control up to 3 different receivers.

Rechargeable: Both Transmitter and Receiver are rechargeable using the provided power charger and cable.

Auto power save: Transmitter and receiver will go into standby power-saving mode when not in use.

Durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane ( TPU ) Collar Strap - Strong, flexible, waterproof and abrasion-resistant plastic provides greater wearing comfort for your dog.

Adjustable collar size: Up to 67cm or 26in circumference, Suitable for all dog sizes 20lbs and over.

Ergonomically-designed: Remote control handset with large buttons for firm grip, easy and intuitive operation. Integrated belt-clip and attachment loop for lanyard/chain.


Please fully charge (at least 5-6 hours) both remote and collar units before first use. Also, please remember to fully charge them at
least once a month if not used regularly- this will keep the lithium polymer batteries in optimal condition.

To conserve battery charge in the collar receiver unit, please remember to switch it off by pressing the Power button on the
collar receiver unit when not worn or in-use.

Eliminate one misbehavior or teach one obedience command at one time. If the training gets too fast, your pet may become confused and

Use the Vibration mode first before using Shock mode. Test the Shock level on your own hand before using it on your dog.

Observe your dog's reaction closely during training. Reduce training intensity or duration if your dog becomes tired, inattentive, or

Examine the contact area daily for signs of irritation or rash. Discontinue use until irritation or rash on sensitive skin is healed.

Please start at the lowest shock level (Level 1) and test on your arm before using it on your dog. 

To avoid your dog from getting collar-wise, please do not leave the collar on for a prolonged period of time unsupervised. When the collar
gets your dog's attention, reinforce the behavior with a verbal command.

Package included:

1 x Remote Control Transmitter

3 x Dog Collar Receiver

3 x Thermoplastic ( TPU ) Collar Strap

1 x Power Cable

1 x US Power Plug

3 x Test Lamp

6 x Silicone Protective Caps

1 x English Manual

2000m Walkie Talkie Dog Training Collar

$668.80 $699.90