2 In 1 Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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Food grade material: made of 100% food grade silica gel, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, no odor, strong plasticity, foldable, green, clean and hygienic, care for the health of pets, stainless steel bowl is also food grade material.

Multifunctional: the raised edge is equivalent to an anti-overflow pad, which effectively prevents food and water from being spilled on the ground. On one side is a slow feeding bowl for food, and on the other side is a stainless steel bowl for water.

Slow food: there are some large and small obstacles in the slow food dog bowl, which increase the difficulty of eating. Effectively prolong the pet's eating time, control the eating speed, prevent bloating, and reduce the burden on the intestines and stomach.

Non-slip: anti-slip points are added at the bottom of the slow feeding mat. The non-slip points increase the friction with the ground and prevent pets from damaging, dragging and overturning the bowl when eating.

Easy to clean: both the slow feeding bowl and the stainless steel bowl can be hand-washed or machine-washed, and they can also be taken out for easy cleaning, or they can be used separately. 


This pet bowl is safe and environmentally friendly, allowing pets to eat on their own, promote digestion, and stimulate their intellectual development.


Material: silicone tray, stainless steel bowl

Size: 400*300*45mm

Applicable objects: cats and dogs

2 In 1 Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

$49.90 $59.90