1650ft Rechargeable Dog Vibration Collar

$129.90 $144.80

Product Description:

Safe Effective Humane Training Modes: Wireless control for up to 1650FT remote range. 5 adjustable, safe and efficient training modes. Beep, Emergency flashlight, 0 to 99 levels vibration, 0 to 99 levels shock and Security Keypad lock mode.

Extra Long Life Rechargeable Battery: 2 in 1 charging port, can charge the remote control and receiver at the same time, Charging only need 2-3 hours, can long standby, persistent work.

Waterproof Dog Collar and LCD Backlit Display: The receiver of this training collar is made of IPX7 water-resistant material. The remote control has an LED backlit display, which can be used at night.

Keypad Lock: The remote locked can prevent accidental disoperation and can be carried with confident

Size Adjustable Collar Strap: Length from 8 to 27.5 inch, fits dogs from 6 to 140 lbs.

Key function description:

The main functions of the product: flashlight, sound, vibration (level intensity can be adjusted), electric shock (level intensity can be adjusted), support a remote control can link two receivers (A/B), the actual distance of wireless remote control is about 250 meters. Theoretical distance 500 meters

Three modes of independent channel and key lock function:

A channel (parameters can be set independently)

B channel (parameters can be set independently)

A+B common channel (parameters can be set independently)

The key lock function is activated by long pressing for 3 seconds. After the key lock function is activated, the remote control does not emit a signal, and only the battery icon and the key lock icon are displayed on the display.

The adjustable level of electric shock and vibration is 0-99, and there is only one sound, no level

Flashlight function Long press for 3 seconds to turn on the flashlight, short press to turn off the flashlight

Pairing method of remote control and receiver:

Step 1: Activate the remote control, select the current A or B or A/B public channel to be paired.

Step 2: When the receiver is off, press and hold the switch button for 3 seconds , the receiver emits 2 beeps, and then the LED signal light flashes for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Press any key (sound, vibration, electric shock) on the remote control within 10 seconds of the fast flashing of the LED signal light of the receiver, and the pairing will be successful. The current public channel of A or B or A/B will be sent out. 2 sounds.

When the remote control selects the A/B common channel to pair the receiver, then when the remote control is adjusted to the A or B channel, it will send out a signal, and the receiver can also receive the signal

Method of turning on and off:

Power on: Short press the switch button, the receiver will beep 1 beep to indicate that it has been turned on

Shut down: long press the switch button for 3 seconds, the receiver beeps 2 to indicate that it has been shut down

Method of receiver battery display:

In the power-on state, press for a short time, and the current battery level of the receiver will be displayed.

1650ft Rechargeable Dog Vibration Collar

$129.90 $144.80