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Zoom 1000m Waterproof 3 Dogs Training Collars
Zoom 1000m Waterproof 3 Dogs Training Collars
Zoom 1000m Waterproof 3 Dogs Training Collars

1000m Waterproof 3 Dogs Training Collars

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Patented design.
Train up to three dogs from the same transmitter (purchase extra receivers separately).
Range up to 1000M (on open air).
3 modes for training--Tone, Vibration and stimulation.
99 levels for each model.
Free combination among Tone, vibration and stimulation.
3 group memories for each dog.
Big LCD digital display for instruction.
9V alkaline battery replaceable for transmitter(included).
Low power consumption for long life battery.
Advanced high-tech Microchip and RF modules.
CE, R&TTE, ROHS, FCC Approval.
Introduction for the transmitter
There are 7 buttons in the the transitter.
Channel button( up to 3 channels)
Mode button (sound, vibration and shock)
M1 memory group button(up to 3 memories)
M2 memory set button
Level buttons (Up and Down)
Launch button
Basical operation
To install the batteries, open the battery cover at the back of the transmitter.
Install the battery (1 x6F22/9V) - ensure the polarity is correct.
The transmitter will be TURN ON automatically.
Press Mode button to choice the different mode(sound, vibration and static shock) and press the
UP/Down button on right hand side to set level.
Notes: These three modes could be combined freely, so please set those modes
you don't want at the level 0.
Memory function
Press M1 button to choice the memory group
Adjust the right levels for each mode and press M2 to set the memory
There are 3 memory groups for each channel
Power Saving function for the transmitter and receiver
The transmitter will go into STANDBY MODE if not operated for 2 minutes (the LCD screen is off) and will TURN OFF if not operated for 5 minutes.
In STANDBY MODE, press mode button to wake it up.
To TURN ON the transmitter, hold mode button at least 3 seconds.
The receiver will turn into sleep mode if it is unused for 4 minutes.
Any movement will activate the receiver into the working mode
Mistake prevention functions
To prevent your pet from the mistake operation, this system set the working time up to 10 seconds each time. Then you have to repress the launch button again to keep operating.
Notes for use
The lifetime of the batteries vary according as how often you use the product. Therefore you should often check the batteries by watching the indicator light in the receiver and the indicator sign on the LCD screen of the transmitter.
The valid distance of remote control means the straight-line distance between the transmitter and the receiver without obstacles in between. If there are interference signals or signal screening around, the actual remote control distance may vary.
This product is for pet training. Only by training, the pet can understand the intention of its owner. Good effect can only be achieved after a period of training.
Training sessions should be kept positive and short, about 10-15 minutes long each time.
Presently, this product is the most effective and safest tool for training pet. Following the correct operational instructions, you can effectively train the pet and bring it no harm.
Hints to fast results using a Remote Trainer
Condition your dog to the remote collar, or electronic collar, by allowing him to wear it while doing something he enjoys instead of only putting it on directly before training. Also, keep the transmitter with you even when you are not training.
This will help prevent him from associating the stimulation he receives to the collar or the transmitter.
Since the stimulation (sometimes incorrectly called a shock) from the remote collar, or electronic collar, is non-directional, always use it with a long-line or leash and away from people and other animals.
Assisting your dog with a leash will also help him learn faster. Do not use the remote collar without a leash or long line until your dog is fully trained.
Always use the lowest stimulation level from the remote collar, or electronic collar, as possible for your dog. When choosing the right level of stimulation, begin at level one. If your dog shows no reaction (turns head, scratches at collar, flicks ears, etc.), go up one level until you find the proper level. Your dog should not vocalize or panic during the stimulation. If this happens, the stimulation level is too high.
Never use the remote collar, or electronic collar, to correct or eliminate any form of aggression or biting behavior. In the event your dog is exhibiting such aggressive behaviors, contact a qualified professional trainer in your area.
Start with behaviors your dog already understands-do not use the remote collar, or electronic collar, to reinforce commands that have not yet been covered.
If your dog gets confused, help him with the leash and plenty of praise. When reinforcing a command with a correction, it is critical that you do so without emotion, then immediately praise and reward your dog for making the right decision.
Training in new locations may cause your dog to become distracted, causing you to reinforce your commands with the remote collar, or electronic collar, more often as a result. The level of stimulation may also need to be adjusted up or down, depending on the exercise or distraction level. It is important that you use a leash or long-line to help your dog perform his commands in new locations.
Training sessions should be kept positive and short, about 10-15 minutes long, so your dog will focus his attention on you. Look for all positive changes in your dog's behavior and be sure to reinforce them with plenty of praise. Remember to always end your training session on a high note. Stop training and play with your dog as soon as he has accomplished a new level of proficiency.
Products Including
Receiver : 2*AAA 1.5V batteries
Trainsmitter : 1x6F22/9V battery
Dog Collar *3
Long Electric Antenna
Short Electric Antenna
Test Light * 3
English Manual * 1


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