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About Us

Our Story Begins Here

Dogs are the only creatures on earth that love us more than we love ourselves. We seriously don't deserve dogs. But how fortunate we are to have them!! I always think about this when I had my best friend "Bark" with me. I had a habit of bringing little presents for him while coming back from work. It could be anything from a small toy to his favorite treat. His wagging tail and sparkling eyes always showed me that how much he loves to get presents. But he died in an accident leaving me behind in so much pain.

The hardest part of having "Bark" was saying goodbye to him. It was awful. I didn't want to do anything. I tried many careers, but nothing really worked for me. He left his " Paws " prints in my heart. I knew that I wanted to do something to cherish dogs. So, I started this business to celebrate the existence of all the “Bark & Paws" every day. Fortunately, I found a partner who is as crazy for dogs as I am. With our hard work, it grew to one of the best online pet supply stores.

Now Bark & Paws has solutions for your pet's lifetime needs. We provide anything and everything that you need if you are a pet parent. We love pets, and we think making pets happy and comfortable can build a stronger connection between owners and their furry friends. This is not just business; this is our passion. This vision makes all the difference, the quality of the products and how we deal with our clients. Every dog is special, they just need little presents and a lot of love from us :)

We Give Back

We believe every dog deserves a fur-ever home and our mission is to help these amazing dogs in any way we can with Team Zay, to help the dogs who need us the most and to create a better world for them through love,care and kindness.

Why Us?

Every product has been carefully designed and sourced to to meet the highest standards possible and with the BEST intentions of our pet-children, pet-nieces/nephews and pet-friends in mind. 

We hope you enjoy your shopping at Bark & Paws!

Bark & Paws Support Team

Meet Our Paw-some Team

Today, the Bark & Paws Headquarters consists of 5 very hardworking dogployees who play a huge role in the growth of Bark & Paws. Meet the crew!



Meet Joe, the furry face behind the Bark & Paws mascot. He is responsible for taking the routine long naps in awkward positions around the office, occupying important spaces such as keyboards, important paperworks, and sunbeams. Every dogployee admires his nap ethic.



Jesslyn is your classic HR representative. Despite the distant stare, she's an excellent listener. Her long, fluffy coat is said to be filled with juicy secrets and the hottest office gossips, but she will never tell. Not even for a bone treat. 



Rondo brings order to the office by making sure all Bark & Paws employees are on-task. If anyone is caught slacking off, Ron will stare them down until they're back to work or give him chin scratchies. He accepts both.



Boney loves dognip, fluffy beds and hates long walks on the beach. Boney also hates closed doors. As Executive Director, She is excellent at directing all doors remain open at all times. She's never met a door she couldn't open. 



Damien gets his inspirations by staring out windows all day, but he's always too scared to actually leave the office when you open the door for him. but if he does goes out, he immediately wants to come back in and won't stop woofing until you buzz him in.


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