Our Story

Our Mission

A better world for our best friends through love,care and kindness and to help the homeless pets one at a time.

Our Story Begins Here

My family and friends always ask me why and how did all these started?

Well..this whole story started all the way back some 18 years ago when I was still a little kid and on my birthday, I got a little surprise,I received a little puppy from my parents

I remember buying food and stuffs for our pets can be quite expensive and i have since remember that till now,back to my puppy’s story,I was initially afraid to go near him,I didn’t even dare to touch him but after a few days, I started to play with my him,time goes by and we grew attached to each other and I started to love dogs.

One day (few years later) while I was at home, i noticed our main door was open and I started looking for “Bark”,I name him bark because he is always barking. I went out of our house and saw Bark was badly injured, he was knocked down by a car and he passed away an hour later.

Till this day, Bark has always been in my mind, I have never forgotten the happiness he brought to me and my family, so when I decided to start my online store to bring the good and affordable stuffs for our best friends,I name it Bark ‘n’ Paws (Paul) to forever remember him, my best friend.