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Spring cleaning tips for dog owners

Spring means blooming flowers and long walks in the sun.  It is important to clean the house and everything before spring starts. If you are a dog owner, then it is even more important for you and your dog. After the long winter, your dog and his essentials also need deep cleaning. Here are some tips to help you to start the spring-cleaning process with a dog.  

Clean and groom your dog.

Well!! First things, first. Washing your dog and properly grooming them will be a good start to spring.

  • A hot bath also helps to reduce the molting faced by all the breeds of dogs during spring.
  • Do not forget to retain his flea and tick treatment as these parasites grow rapidly during warmer days. 
  • Take them to the groomer and get them ready to play outside during spring. 

Clean their bed.

 The bed is the most comfortable spot for your pet. It is his safe place. He recognizes the smell of his bed and it comforts him. But cleaning his bed is essential for him and to keep your house clean. We do not wash most of the stuff during winters and a pet bed is one of them. Spring is the right time to ash and clean their bed properly. 

  • Vacuum it to remove all the shedder hair.
  • Wash it with warm water and use a good detergent.
  • Throw it in the dryer for some time. it will help to remove the remaining hairs on it.
  • After that put it in the sun to dry completely. 
  • Surprise your dog with a refreshed bed.

Clean the food bowl and your dog's toys!

 The dog's toys and food bowl should be washed and cleaned on regular basis. No one likes to eat in a dirty bowl.

  • Especially in spring wash their food bowl with dishwashing soap and warm water.
  • If the food bowl is not in a good condition or damaged. It is time to get a new one.
  • Also, wash his toys with dishwashing soap.
  • Throw away all the damaged toys that can hurt your dog. 
  • You can also donate the toys that are in good condition and your dog does not play with them.  

Vaccination and medication

Spring brings many allergies and infections with it. It is good to get your dog vaccinated at the start of the spring. Do not forget to clean your dog's first aid kit.    It is necessary to get rid of old medicines correctly that are not in use anymore.  You can also take your vet's opinion while updating your dog's first aid kit.  

Check everything.

You must keep a check on everything if you own a dog. Consider replacing their bed and blankets as warmer days are coming. Clean and pack the stuff carefully that is not usable in the spring season. Clean their leashes and collars. Give your backyard a good clean for the upcoming spring parties. Taking care of some simple things will make you and your dog comfortable during spring.


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