Adjustable Stylish Dog Harness

$29.90 $36.70

1. Design: This lightweight pet harness gets rid of the traditional chest back and is made of soft fabric

2. Perfect pet walking: Lightweight, cotton pad protects important parts of pets, reduces impact damage and makes every run smoothly.

3. Easy to wear: The webbing on the back can be adjusted freely, easy to put on and take off, specially designed for small and medium pets

4. Easy to clean: Easy to clean, which reduces the pressure of hand washing, and can be cleaned directly in the washing machine.

Material: fabric + alloy

Rope length (approximately): 120cm

Rope thickness (approximately): 1.5cm

Weight (approximately): about 100g

Suitable for weight 2-8 kg

Packing list: 1 * Harness 1 * Leash

Adjustable Stylish Dog Harness

$29.90 $36.70