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Why Does Your Dog Need Their Own Bed?

Your dog is like your best friend. I am sure you love your furry friend very much. You share your personal space and objects with your dog usually on a lazy weekend or sleeping in your bed. But sharing your bed with him might be a disservice for both, you and your beloved friend.

As much as you love your dog and share your personal space with him but it is quite clear your furry friend needs his own small space like a dog bed. It is not just for convenience but has several benefits. A dog can sleep anywhere, but you need to understand the huge benefits for your dog when he sleeps in his own bed. It is important just as humans invest in having a good mattress for quality sleep. You should also invest in a good dog bed for your furry kid. Dogs sleep for 12-18 hours a day and it is more time as compared to humans to they need a good and comfortable spot of their own for quality sleep.

Do you ever note that you often find your dog snuggled at your side in your bed during the night? This is the major sign that shows they need a comfy bed that is dedicated to their own. If you are allergic to your dog and don’t let him sleep in the bed with you at the night, then this is even more important for your furry friend to give a comfy spot to sleep instead of a floor.

There are several benefits of a dog bed to both you and your furry friend and we have organized it in this article. It will help you able to understand how you can work to improve the health of your dog or puppy.

Benefits of Investing in A Good Dog Bed for Your Furry Friend

1-Supportive for Your Dog’s Joints

A good dog bed is equally beneficial for both whether your dog is young or older. Both can use the dog bed, it does not matter you have a small puppy or an adult dog. Hard surfaces like the floor can have harsh effects on young growing bodies. If your dog is sleeping on hard surfaces like the floor of your room or balcony, he will not able to take quality sleep due to discomfort and this may lead to harsh behavioral changes like howling or whirling all night. 

On the other hand, elder dogs show more sensitive behavior towards hard surfaces, especially when they are overweight. An old dog needs ever more than the dog bed due to their worn joints. A dog bed will be very beneficial to support their joints and body structure. It will also prevent health problems due to arthritis. Orthopedic dog beds are available in the market in case your dog is suffering from arthritis. 

2-Your Dog Needs His Own Space

Your dog deserves a dedicated space of its own to sleep, eat, drink, and play. Most of the needs of your dog match you. One of those needs is their own space. A dog bed acts as a bedroom for your dog. They need a space where they feel safe, protected, and relaxed. Your dog will love having a space to call their own.  

Moreover, it is time to prove that they are part of your family. A dog bed is an object that shows your dog he is more than just a pet and included in the family. It will be great if you specify a room in your house according to the size of the dog you have. In case you have a small puppy, the living room will be the best place for your furry friend as their bedroom.

3-Your Dog Can Avoid Injuries

High-energy dogs like to run and jump all the time. They show high-intensity movements at home over the furniture and other objects. These movements can lead to injury. There are even more chances if your dog is old. A good dog bed is a comfortable space down to the ground and easily accessible that can prevent injury as they don’t need to jump over the couches, chairs, or your personal bed when they want to relax or sleep. A dog bed is an ideal choice for quality sleep instead they search for a comfy spot between the furniture of your house.

4-Dog Beds Provide Proper Insulation

During extreme weather conditions, the floor of your house is not a comfy spot for your dog to relax or sleep. it can be very cold during winter, similarly, it can be too hot during summer. Extremely high or low temperatures will make it very hard for your dog to sleep or relax on the floor. This problem can be solved easily with a good dog bed.

Most of the dog beds are made of comfy and soft material like the mattress of your bed. In the harsh weather conditions, it will act like complete isolation, the extreme temperature will not affect the dog and they can get quality sleep or relaxing time. During cold weather dog bed will provide the cozy warmth your dog needs on cold nights. If you live in a region with hot weather conditions, placing a cooling pad on the top of the dog bed can solve this problem.

5-It Will Save Your House Furniture

A dog bed can help you keep your dog off the furniture of the house. There are different types of dog owners. Some of the owners allow their dogs on the house furniture but others want something different. If you have an energetic and naughty furry friend in your house and want house furniture to long last, then you need a good dog bed immediately. A dog bed will keep your puppy off the furniture most of the time and minimize the damage.

A dog bed will train your furry kid to be away from furniture and things will be nice and clean at your home all the time.

6-Comfort for Both Of You

Most people don't want to keep their dogs with them in their beds while sleeping. There are very few people who want the warm feeling of cozying up with y their furry kid. If you have a young puppy and want to share the bed with him at night, it will be hard to sleep for the puppy when he is alone. Bigger paws walking over playfully may not feel right so you should allocate them their own space in the form of a good dog bed, so you both can get quality sleep at night.

How To Choose the Best Bed For Your Dog?

There can be a lot of confusion around how to choose the best dog bed for your furry friend. What shape and size of dog bed will work best? There are a lot of things to see but here we will discuss the most basic considerations that will help you pick out the best dog bed for your beloved friend.

  • Most important option to remember that don’t pick out a bed that is too small or too big. If you are in doubt about the size, please size up your dog.
  • To size up the bed, there are a lot of sizing up charts available on the internet. You can see the videos that illustrate the sizing procedures recommended for various dog breeds according to their sizes.
  • Elderly and arthritic dogs can benefit from a bed that is built to provide extra support and comfort. Orthopedic dog beds are available in the market specially made for dogs suffering from arthritis.
  • Consider the quality of the material while choosing the dog bed. Soft and qualitative material is necessary for comfort and durability. Dog beds are usually made of memory foam and gels that comfort your furry friend.
  • Do you want a dog bed that is going to be a feature showpiece in your living room or do you want something that blends in with its surroundings? No matter what are your preferences, you should consider the comfort level of the dog bed. Choose the dog bed that is suitable for your dog according to its sleeping position.
  • Remember one more thing while choosing the dog bed that it is easy to clean. Because it does not matter how clean your dog is, shedding, drool, and tracked paw prints are common issues of our furry friends.

Now you have an idea about the basic considerations while choosing the perfect dog bed for your furry baby. 


A good dog bed can provide your puppy with a cozy spot to relax. The dog bed is not only comfortable to sleep but it is also supportive and soft during sleep. It is just like as you want a comfy mattress for quality sleep along with a soft pillow to support your head. This will be great to invest in a good dog bed that can provide your beloved friend with many health benefits. 

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