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Why a pet is beneficial to your family's health?


Teaching Responsibility A pet dog is a wonderful addition to your family and for children it is one of the most wonderful gifts in life that they can get. When you welcome a little furry paws into your home you will surely see some great benefits for your family. 

Here are some of the main benefits you can expect to see when your family adopts or buys a pet pup.

Exercise and Mental Wellbeing

Studies show that exercise improves mental health and wellbeing. So when you get your dog you can expect a lot of outdoor walks, play sessions and running around. When it comes to fresh air and exercise its a benefit to you, your family and the animal.

For children a pet can teach them the valuable lesson of responsibility. Your child can handle all kinds of jobs as part of owning a pet including feeding, cleaning, walking, petting and talking to their new best buddy. 

Giving and Receiving Love

The act of giving and receiving love has to be experienced to be learnt. For children this might be the first time they have given and received love outside your family unit. It really is a wonder to see the emotional growth that comes with owning a pet, especially for young ones.

Let your kids buy gifts for your pet too. They will love to pick out special accessories like this Round Paw Id Tag or our popular  Personalized ID Tags.

Stress Release

It is known that owning a dog can also be a stress reducer and help improve health issues such as blood pressure. For children and the elderly it has been proven that having contact with a pet can be beneficial for their health.  For example, for a child suffering from anxiety a pet can be life changing. 

Language and Expression

Kids love to chat to their canine friends so language skills are being put into practice every day. If you listen to a child with their pet they will be asking questions (even though they know there's no answer) and they will give praise. This conversational practice is a wonderful way for children to express themselves verbally.

Self Esteem and Confidence

Owning a pet can give your child a sense of self-esteem and confidence as they learn how to care for a pet. Along with that comes the growth of other emotions including trust, patience, empathy and concern. 

As you can see the benefits to owning a pet are many. For a family you will see the benefits are instant and also long term. Dogs are great pets for children, wonderful companions for adults and soon become a much-loved part of your family.

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