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What to bring along when travelling with dogs?

As a pet parent myself, sometimes i know it is always extremely difficult to leave your pet dog alone at home while we go on a long road trip. Bringing them along for a trip may cause us lots of headache. What do i need to bring along, did i miss out on anything? 

Well,maybe this checklist can lessen your headache. Here are some  items that are definitely not to miss out for any road trip,be it a short or long one.

Seat Belt

If you are driving, securing a seat belt on your pup can ensure they do not move around aggressively while you are driving, keeping them safe and you can concentrate on your driving. How about a Harness with seat belt? You can save some money while getting this 2 in 1 item.

Car seat carrier bag

Pet dog car seat carrier bag, your pet dog will be very comfortable in it and they will not be moving around inside the car. Easy to keep as well as it can be folded for you to keep in your car boot.

Portable travel bag

Walking with your pup on a leash is a good solution but having them in a travel bag can minimize their movements and it definitely make it easier when you are out walking with them, might be a little heavy though if your dog is big.

Well, these are just some very basic items that i will never miss out and I would strongly recommend to bring along when I’m on a road trip with my pups. Make our life easier with these items when we are out with them.

Actually the LISTS carrys on with much more items that are essential for going on a short or long trip. 

Never forget these items when you plan on a road trip. Do a checklist and make sure you bring everything that you need to prevent any unnecessary spending on items that you need but you already have at home.

Stay safe!





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