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Top 10 Dog-Friendly Spots in Singapore

It's hard to leave our pups behind while going on a vacation or picnic. We know that feeling of guilt because we all have been there. Sometimes we can't take them with us as dogs are not allowed at many places in Singapore. But the good news is that there are so many cool spots that welcome dogs just like humans.

After the long lockdown, everyone needs relaxing vacations and fun activities. Nothing is complete without our furry friends, as they are a part of the family. So, if you want to plan a fantastic weekend with your pet, go ahead. I have made a list of the ten best dog-friendly spots in Singapore. You can spend quality time with your little buddy without any fear and inconvenience.


1: Sembawang Park

  If you want to spend a relaxing day at a park with your family and pets or do fun activities and games like cycling. Sembawang Park is a fantastic spot for you. It's ultimately dog friendly. You can reach Sembawang Park through Sembawang road. It has several parking lots. From bar b q pits to a fun playground and running area dogs, this park offers something for everyone in the family. Your dog can play without any leash under the shady trees and over the green grass. You will never see mud after rain, and there is no fear of tick infection for your dog while enjoying this park. But if there are other families and their pets nearby then,

  • Please keep your dog on a leashfor his safety and the sake of other people.
  • Always bring poop bagswith you, and never forget to pick them up after your dog.  
  • Bring your pet's favorite treats with you so you can offer them for his good behavior or if he is hungry.
  • Don't forget to bring water whilevisiting this park. You and your dog need to be hydrated during physical activities and games.


2: Tanjong Beach

I don't think there can be an any better plan for the weekend than digging into the sandy beach with your little furry friend. Book a place at Tanjong Beach. This is the perfect spot in Singapore to enjoy with your pet in water and sand. It is the favorite place of most of the dogs and their owners as well. They love to swim and splash in the water. You can lay down and relax at this place all day long while your dog will play and have great fun in the water. If your little friend is a fan of swimming, bring some essentials with you to avoid any inconvenience.  

  • Bring dog shampoo and a dog towel with you. There is a bathing point outside the beach. You will want to clean up your dogbefore getting him into the car. You can wash your pet with his shampoo and towel dry him after. 
  • Take water and treats for your dog because a picnic is incomplete without food.


3: Sunny Heights 

Does your furry friend love swimming? Sunny Heights is the best place for him. If your pup loves water and is fond of swimming, or you are looking for a doggy water theme park in Singapore, this place is probably the best. It features two major pools, one shallow and one with deep water. Floatation vests are easily available to offer your dog freely enjoyment in the water.

  • There is a vast concrete floor for puppies to run. But it is exclusive for daycare dogs only.
  • Appropriate benches and chairs are fitted for dog parents.
  • Do you want a dog race? The swimming pool has the facility of a dog race, and you can see who is the fastest!
  • Feeling tired? There is an obstacle course available for your pups to JUMP, JUMP, & JUMP!
  • Free parking is available.
  • Remember to give a bath to your pup after swimming with a good shampoo.


4: Marina Barrage

If you are planning for a fun day, please pack your picnic basket, take your puppy with its favorite dog food, and head out to Marina Barrage, a beautiful place for a picnic. You can take a lot of beautiful photos with your furry friend at this beautiful place. Moreover, Marina Barrage is the best place for a kite-flying session so you can have a great time.

    You just need to know a few things before going there.

  • Pets are allowed only for outdoor areas, but they can go to the water playground.
  • Dog parents will have to ensure that the pets are leashed out all the time.
  • Remember to carry waterand manage waste during your visit.
  • Many parking lots are available nearby.


5: Bishan Park 

One of the most popular spots amongst dog lovers is Bishan Park. This is a perfect place for a nice day out with your furry kid in Singapore. Bishan Park features a wide fenced area where the dog can ditch the leash and run free to enjoy.

  • It features two dog runs, one for small and timid dogs and the other for big and high-energy dogs.
  • It is an ideal place for dog lovers except for its reputation for fleas.
  • It is essential to make sure that your dog is protected with flea prevention repellent.
  • Parking is available on the left of the dog run in McDonald's.


6: Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens is a popular place for the residents to walk with their furry friends. It is a lovely big place to have a nice walk with your dog due to its relaxing view. It will be an excellent place for jogging if your pet loves to run. Are you hungry? There are a lot of cafes and gift shops in the gardens.

  • Due to its large area, it is safe for your dog to leash out in a corner.
  • Your dog can make a few new furry friends as this is a popular place.
  • Don't forget to protect the dog from ants.
  • Sheltered parking is available.


7: Sunray Café

Sunray Café is a pet-friendly cafeteria serving artisanal bread and hand-brewed coffee in a setting like your own home. It is located on 79 Brighton Cres and acts as a magnet for coffee drinkers with their dogs. Delicious coffee and a hall full of puppy tails make this café one of the best dog spots in Singapore.

  • The quality of the food is the major reason for its popularity.
  • You can enjoy your coffee while watching a lot of puppies playing.
  • Your furry kid can make new friends here.
  • Be aware of leashout as this is a restaurant too.
  • Sunray Café is a ray of happiness for pet lovers away from city clattery.


8: West Coast Park

West Coast Park is one of the biggest parks in Singapore and attracts dog lovers a lot due to its large area, sheltered benches & tables, free water points, and a large high-tech washing booth. Park is parallel to West Coast Highway, located in the Westernmost of Queenstown. 

  • The Park features a lot of facilities like Pet Sitters, Pet Boarding, Grooming, Dog Walking, etc.
  • A huge dog-run area is also available for all dog breeds and sizes.
  • You can have a little fetch sessionwith your furry friend without worrying about space.
  • Your dog can make a few new friends here because it is among Singapore's most popular dog-friendly spots.
  • Don't worry about leash out as this is a huge park.


9: Open Farm Community

If you want to have a nice and relaxing day out with the family, including your furry friend, in a beautiful and spacious spot, Open Farm Community is the best place to enjoy. This place is an ideal spot for dog-friendly people and nature lovers.

  • It is a dog-friendly farm-to-table dining concept with local farming.
  • You can provide a spacious hangout to your dog on this large open farm.
  • You will be happy to see this place welcomes your dog to enjoy nature with a lot of greenery.
  • No need to worry about leash out as this is a big place to walk around.


10: Punggol Point Park

Punggol Point Park is located in North-East of Singapore. This Park is one of the best dog-friendly places in Singapore, formerly known as Punggol Point. This place has become much more vibrant and alive after its reopening in 2011 after a lot of development, including Punggol Point Jett. This point is full of restaurants and eateries, and a lot of families come here to enjoy a nice evening with their pets.

  • Your dog is safe to leash out in the deeper part of the park but be aware of the main road.
  • Your pup can make a lot of new friends here because it is a spacious dog-friendly place in Singapore near the coast.
  • The Park is full of eateries and small restaurants, and you don't need to worry when hungry.
  • A few parking lots are available.

Pets are the family, and especially the dogs are more important due to their loving and loyal nature. It would be best if you had a good time in your daily life with your pup, as it is necessary to live a healthy life for both of you. You can choose the place according to your demands but remember, safety comes out first.

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