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How do you choose a perfect bed for your dog?

Every dog needs its own place and for your dog, the right dog bed will provide that ideal, quiet spot. Is your dog sharing your bed? We do not judge; we even invite our pets. Own place is important for your dog to sleep as they spend 12-14 hours or even more of 24 hours of sleep. They sleep not just at night but half of the day.

It's comfortable if your dog sleeps in your bed with you. But if your dog is tossing and turning, it may interrupt your sleep. It's cool to share your room with your dog, but it's best to have a relaxing space for your pooch to sleep away from your bed.

What size you should get?

Below guidelines that can be helpful for you to choose the size of the bed for your dog.

If your dog weight is up to 40 lbs., then small bed size is good for you dog.

Small– If your dog weight is up to 40 lbs. you can choose small size of bed.

Medium- If your dog weight is up to 60 lbs. then medium size of bed is good.

Large- If your dog weight is up to 120 lbs. then large size of bed is perfect for your dog.

Extra Large– If your dog weight is more than 120 lbs. then extra-large size will be suitable.

You can start measurement at the top of his nose when he is sleeping and calculate all the way to his rump from the top of his head to his pads. If your dog sleeps like a ball, measure your dog's dimension shoulder to shoulder and head to the floor. And if he's a back sleeper, count from his head's top to the end of his tail.

Special Needs

Chose a special bed for your dog for extraordinary circumstances. Your dog beds should be sufficiently padded and made from a comfortable material and also be easily washable.

More durable material is better if you want a dog bed to take you hiking, to the garden, or on some adventures. Beds that are water-resistant or waterproof can always help keep them from becoming wet.

In particular, older dogs require a soft place to rest that takes into account their physical capacities. Senior dogs also can be sensitive to cold weather, so it can help to cut the cold with a warm sleeping bed that warms softly.

Types of Bed you can choose from.


 1: Nest Bed for Easy Comfort

Nest bed is comforting maternal sounding activity for your dog. This kind of bed will make your pet feel safer. Nest beds are perfect for your dog who likes to curl up. The feature of raise edge in nest bed make it perfect for your dog in which your dog feels more relax and comfortable and also, they look adorable in the nest bed.

This type of bed makes your dog feel comfortable. Nest beds are good for your dog who likes to curl up or lay back. The raised edge function of the nest bed makes it perfect for your dog to peacefully sit or sleep. These beds make your dog extremely relaxing. Plus, they look adorable in this kind of bed. Nest dog beds with higher side panels are cozy, cushioned beds that help to keep cold drafts out. It is also ideal for your dog who likes to relax in a booster-like contraption with their heads or neck. These dog beds may look more like your sofa or mattress but are specifically made for your funny buddy.


2: Donut Dog Bed

This bed is ideal for a dog who likes to sleep curled up. Donut dog beds have a ring around the bed or an edge which will also help to keep your little dog warm while sleeping. Before lying down, some dogs prefer to walk in circle and this bed is a good choice for these pups.

Donut beds are round and made from soft materials. Donut dog beds are incredibly comfortable and some of the cuddliest dog beds that your dog would enjoy.


3: Covered Dog Bed

Another option for dogs to snuggle up to is enclosed or hooded dog beds. These beds provide a small, plush refuge for your dogs with the appearance of little houses or tents. The covered dog bed is a special place which you can give to your dog. These type of beds are good for all kind of dogs. For shy dogs who would like to hide, these beds are also fantastic for them.


4: Heated Dog Bed

Would you like to give a dog an extra-warm spot to snuggle up? Heated beds for your dogs are a perfect way to do that. For dogs with achy knees, heated beds may be extremely therapeutic when paired with orthopedic features. These beds look like pads for heating or electric blankets.

Both types of dogs may benefit from heated beds, but thin and/or tiny dogs can benefit even more. With the heated bed outdoor dogs will feel better in the cold season.


5: Kennel Dog Bed

 If you have a dog who spends a lot of time in a crate or kennel, you'll need a kennel dog bed. This bed is suitable for using your dog crate and pad that resembles a travel dog bed. For all types of dogs, kennel/crate beds are appropriate. This type of bed provides a barrier between your dog's body and the rough surface. The Kennel dog bed will provide your dog with a more comfortable platform to walk around.

Final thoughts

Before you shop, think of the needs of your dog. Also, don't neglect your own questions, such as the size as well as if the bed suits your décor. The right bed offers a sense of comfort and protection for your dog. Consider your dog's height, age, and health, and think about what type of bed is most comfortable for your dog. Consider the factors before buying any bed for your dog.


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