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How Important to Buy a Dog Tent?

Do you have a furry friend that is addicted to sleeping with you in your bed every night? I am sure he occupies half of the mattress every night and you are not comfortable with that. Do you want to get rid of this thing? Wouldn’t it be great if he had his own space to sleep and relax at night? Of course, a dog tent house is the best solution to this problem. If you don’t want to rely your loved one completely on you, give them their very own little space to sleep or relax by investing in a good dog tent house.

What Is a Dog Tent?

A dog tent is like a traditional home designed for your dog for both inside and outside use. It is just like a shelter or camping tent designed to provide your furry friend his personal space to relax. Normally, a dog tent is made of a strong frame covered with a strong fabric or fiberglass. 

Dog tents are highly portable according to the size of your dog. It can be so quick and easy to put up and take down when you need it inside or outdoor. It is the best portable solution to provide your pooch his private space when you are inside the home, camping, hiking, or even at the beach.

Usually, the dog tents are designed to use for both inside and outside. It protects your pooch from extreme weather conditions too. Especially when the day is too hot, a dog tent is the safest place with proper ventilation. It enhances your pup’s environment according to the situation.

Types of Dog Tents According to Shape

Pyramid-Shaped Dog Tent 

It is the most traditional style of dog tent and is normally designed to use at camping, hiking, or at the beach. Mostly, a pyramid dog tent is made of material that is easily washable and is waterproof to keep your pup dry during harsh weather conditions like rain. Moreover, it is the most durable type because it has to be used outside.

House Shaped Dog Tent

House-shaped dog tents are made for indoor use only. A lot of dog parents like the dog tent in house shape but don’t want the dog tent made of heavy material like wood. So, this is designed for those who want a light, foldable, and easy-to-install house-shaped indoor tent for their beloved puppy.

The Playpen-Style Dog Tent

Playpen-style dog tents are usually large as compared to other types. It is designed to provide your furry friend with more space to move, play, or sleep in limited and safe confinement. It allows your dog to play or move around in a limited space but in a restricted area not to run away or get in trouble.

Indoor Pyramid Style Cotton Dog Tent

This type of dog tent is pyramid-style and specially designed for indoor use. It costs much less as compared to other dog tents as it is made of less costly materials like cotton. But its ergonomic design and beautiful appearance are amazing, and it looks like a native American-style tepee.

Benefits of Having a Dog Tent

A dog tent has several benefits. Let us discuss them in detail.

Helpful For the Outing in The Summertime

During summer, a lot of people go out swimming, camping, and hiking to have fun. It is not appropriate to leave your pup alone at home while you are out. Take your pup with you on the tour. If you don’t want to share the tent with the dog or he makes a lot of noise, or you don’t want your sleeping tent to be dirty. A dog tent is the best solution for this problem. It is also important to protect your furry friend from extreme weather conditions.

Comfy & Cozy

I am sure taking care of the health and comfort of your pup is your top priority. A good dog tent can help you a lot in it. Dogs also need a comfortable environment to live in like humans. When you are indoor, a dog tent can provide a comfortable and cozy dedicated space to your pup and when you are outdoor playing games, hiking, or camping, a dog tent has a lot of comforts.

Protection from Adverse Weather Conditions

A dog tent protects your dog from extreme weather conditions. Sleeping on the floor can be hash for the pup as it can be cold during winter nights and too hot during summer days. It is not comfortable for your dog to sleep or relax. But ensure to provide proper bedding to comfort your furry friend during cold nights.

Portability & Easy to Install

Dog tents are mostly portable, foldable, and easy to install. If you are heading out of home with your pup, it will be easy to fold and install at any place. The most amazing thing about a dog tent is that it does not take a lot of space in your car while traveling.  

Quality Sleep

Sleeping with your pup in your bed can be a disservice for both of you. Your dog will occupy 50 percent of the mattress and you will feel uncomfortable during the night. A dog tent equipped with enough bedding is the best solution for this problem. Both of you can have quality sleep without disturbing each other.

How to Train Your Dog for the Dog Tent? 

If you have a young puppy or dog, then it will be easier to train him for a dog tent as compared to adult or large dogs. Young puppies are easy to convince that a dog tent is the safest place to shelter for. But older and adult dogs who have not seen a dog tent can be very reluctant to enter the tent. Sometimes, they can take it as a trap or punishment. In that case, you will have to alter the negative view of your dog about the tent with positive associations, for example, give rewards on entering the tent or put his favorite food inside, and treat him with care. Don’t punish or force him during training as it may bring some behavioral changes.

 Buy a dog tent that is suitable for your dog size so the dog can easily walk in and turn around.

How to Fold the Dog Tent?

Don’t you know how to set and fold a dog tent? However, it depends on which type of dog tent do you have. Normally, the foldable dog tents available in the market are pop-up tents like the human's pop-up tents, and it is very simple to fold and take down it.

All the types of dog tents are designed to be easily foldable, easy to install, and easy to wash or clean. The playpen-style dog tents are usually complicated than the traditional tent. But directions are always provided when purchasing.

How to Clean the Dog Tent?

It will be good to train your dog to go outside the dog tent to pee but most of the dogs usually pee and poop inside the tent. So consider your dog’s tendency before buying the tent. The cleaning process depends on the design and material used to make the tent. Pop-up or canvas-style dog tents are easily washable even in the washing machine or can be easily hosed down. Less costly and simple dog tents are usually made of material easy to clean and care of. But playpen-style dog tents require a different process to clean according to their structure and material.

Remember to evacuate the dog before hosing down the tent. Your furry friend should never be left in the tent while cleaning. Remove dog food and drinking water from the tent before cleaning. It ensures that food and water will not be spoiled. 

  • Remove bedding and toys   and make sure to wash the blankets in the washing machine. Vinyl is the best option to clean the kennel type dog tents,
  • Dog tents made of cotton material are especially required to spot clean. It will be very helpful to use a light brush or damp cloth depending on the material. Cotton materials are less durable, so follow the directions while cleaning.
  • Materials like cotton-linen canvas might be shrunk when machine washing with hot water. So, remember to clean the dog tents made of such materials manually. Use less hot water and soap and repeat the process gently.
  • It is important to read the disassembly and washing instructions when cleaning or washing the dog tent. However, before buying the dog tent for your furry friend, consider how dirty he tends to become. Think about how easy or convenient you can clean the material.

Wrapping Up

Having a dog as a pet can be great fun if you have it trained properly and you know about all the needs to provide it. It is important to meet all the needs to make a strong bond between you and your puppy. Choose the best dog tent and keep you and your dog safe!  

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