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How to find a good dog sitter?

If you own a dog you are responsible for ensuring your dog is looked for if you go on a vacation, either for a weekend or for a few days. Dogs and domestic pets can never be left in your house alone, and they must be watched for if you are not present. And of surely, you would not like to simply abandon your dog with somebody — we're talking about your furry baby. You would like to ensure the dog is handled properly and perfectly by one great dog sitter.

 Many people just choose a friend or relative to handover their dog who already knows the pet. However not everyone seems to have this choice, if you are one of them, you have to search for a decent dog sitter. You should try to meet somebody who is good at dog sitting, who has good credentials, and who can get along with your dog. That could be said much easier than done! 

Yeah, what do you figure out about the right dog sitter? You should start taking a few steps to make sure that someone will love your dog and appreciate it while you are gone. Don't just take that lightly!   It may be time taking and a matter of patience, but it's worth it in the end.


Look at a dog sitter website

If there are not any suggestions by others or if you are not happy with them, there are more than enough dog sitter websites you can search out which were made particularly for this reason. In reality, too many of them can be challenging. Please ensure you choose a reputable website with user feedback as well. Some websites are free of charge, others include a monthly subscription.

Positive reviews and ratings

Reviews are accurate measures of the quality of a dog sitter.  This is because checked reports are evidence from real dog owners who have taken the services of the dog sitter previously and who can’t be falsified.

But do not focus solely on ratings and labels in determining which dog sitter to select. Everyone's requirements are different, though what functions for others won't work for you. Learn about the characteristics of the sitter in the next paragraph to see whether the individual suits you correctly.

Meet the dog sitter in person

Just do not recruit them directly when you've identified a perfect match — discover them first! Think of this: are you going to leave a child with a human you never knew before? Not possible. Ask whether they can meet for coffee or whatever in person to discuss any information and concerns. It's not unfair and might be a major red flag if they oppose it.

Comments, numbers, and medals are all beautiful things to have on a dog sitter's profile but not all dog sitters are the same. New animal care platforms allow new individuals to be on the platform as dog sitters each day and until after several tasks they will not have all the badges and whistles listed, but they may be the perfect dog sitters for your dog.

Learn about their personality

You will judge their temperament through the interaction and if he is the type of nice people you can prefer to leave your dog with them. Have a good talk with them about how much experience they have in dog sitting, how they met other dogs with which they had pet sit, or what challenges they encountered while dog sitting.   You could also question them about your own dog and inquire about what they might do if they saw him and get a glimpse of their understanding and expertise. Maybe they don't know anything, because each species has its own problems and difficulties so that you can teach them who the dog is and how to cope with them.

Negotiate about price

 It is also a reasonable time to discuss the price of the company and what they give in-depth. Don't ask a too low number. Typical boarding costs are usually less than pet parks, catteries, or hotels since a real pet lover is not only to make a profit but to offer your dog love and treatment at a reasonable price. But if a sitter gives you an extremely cheap sum, take caution to specifically inquire what the dog sitter gives in exchange for the sum. The sitter might-corners, such as having low food content or caring for multiple animals, to make it worth it.  Even worst, after you're done, they can just lock your dog in a box for the duration of your stay and forget it.

Let your dog meet his sitter

 Your confirmation here is most essential, but the dog's permission also matters.  How could the arrangement work out if your dog doesn't seem to like or get friendly with that dog sitter? Take your dog with the future sitter to your little meeting so that you might see how they exactly fit and get together. It is great to feel that your dog sitter is trustworthy able but it is also essential that the dog loves sitter. After all, he will spend time with this individual. Set a playing date to watch the prospective dog sitter around your pooch and the other way round. You can definitively hire your dog sitter if both of you agree.

Book your dog sitter

Look at the calendar and mark the times when the dog is to be split. You would have the highest chance of securing the first-choice sitter if you have begun the process several days in advance.  

Have a safe journey

Now when you have all the important tips available for dog sitting for the first time, it is time to put your dog in a safer position than a trade Kennel. If the right sitter has been found, it's time to chill and embrace your ride! You've got to know that your dog loves their holiday like you with a wonderful sitter with photo and text alerts!

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