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What do i need to do for my dog grooming?

You must have seen your dog rolling on its ground, licking his coat, or chewing it. This is how he keeps herself clean. But he will need your help to look good and smell his best. We're here to help, though, don't worry. Read more about ways to maintain a healthy and clean fur and skin of your dog by adopting some basic dog grooming tips.

Basic grooming

The main thing to remember is that your dog is interested in the grooming or at least does not hate it. Gradually start, with one thing in a row, and make sure to offer a lot of treats for each grooming process.

And if your dog does not like any part, you should save the favorite treat of your dog and give it to them only after completing the process. You'll feel that they're encouraged to accept this step of the task, as they know that their favorite dessert is going to come.

If your dog does not like the whole process of grooming, divide things into little parts and do all the things in many days. First trim his nails on the first day, brush him and shave his potty areas perhaps. Then bath him after this. Then the cut his hair. It is a life-saver to break up the grooming treatment in different parts, it makes it manageable to him.


The part of grooming that is needed by every dog is nail trimming. Long nails may cause walking problems, arthritis, and even a nail may flip in the dog's footpad. Imagine how terrible it is for your foot to be struck all day and how difficult each step is! You should usually plan to trim the nails of your dog once each month. Some dogs need to be trimmed less or more often.

For example, big dogs walking on sidewalks for over an hour daily often need little trim apart from claws. 

Small puppies go for short walks, you need to cut nails every few weeks. As you may know, dogs have a blood vessel in the nails which is called a quick one that will tear and wound if you trim it short. The vein can grow very long for dogs who don't have their nails cut often enough, so you should only take off a little time. If this is the case, each week you should cut off the nails of your dog, so that the vein shrinks back into his nail. The best thing to use for this is a grinder.

The simplest way to cut the nails of your dog is to place the dog in a way that allows you to flip his paw back and see the lower part. Use a nail clipper for this purpose Cut a bit in a moment.


Regular brushing or combing helps to keep your dog's hair in great condition by effectively removing dirt, preventing tangles, spreading natural oils across its coat,  and managing to keep its skin smooth and clean. Besides, the time for grooming is a wonderful chance to examine the fleas and the dust in your dog — those small Black spots indicating that your dog is a host to a family of pet fleas. Your pet's brushing needs depend largely on its type of coat.

Teeth care

Are you aware that as long as they are three years old, 80 percent of the dogs have dental issues or have many gum problems? Dental disease is not a minor issue – it might result in teeth fall, broken jaw, abscesses, cardiac disease, and even death. Yes, it's true.   Bacteria from the bad teeth of your dog can enter his bloodstream and kill your dog. You must try every day to brush the teeth of your dog. You have to take it slowly if you haven't brushed his teeth before. Let the toothpaste of your dog snip and lick first by them and then massage it on the front of the dog's teeth with your finger. Use a finger brush and after that the dog's toothbrush.

There are dental wipes and dental sprays for dogs who do not allow teeth brushing. It's also a great option to provide your dog with alot of chew toy


A few people never bathe their dogs, while others do this every week. You should probably focus on finding anything in the center. Even dogs with short hair should take advantage of a bath after 3, 4 months to remove grime, dirt, and excess oil from their coats.  Every dog should be washed at least 4, 5 times a year.  

In general, do not bathe him more than one time per month. If you plan to do so, ensure to get a very delicate shampoo made especially for dogs. Over bathing may dry the skin and hair of your dog, therefore a conditioner is a great option as well as a light shampoo. Whichever way you bathe your dog, a shampoo should be used always.

Eyes and ears

At least once or twice a month, must clean the ears of your dog. On a ball of cotton, you can put an ear cleaning solution or witch hazel. Of course, after dragging the inside of his ear, there will be some dirt on the ball, however if the ball is stinky or sticky, it's highly probable that your dog has got the ear infection and requires a tour to the veterinarian.

Dogs are generally susceptible to eye issues especially the flat-faced breeds. You should spend the effort at least once or twice a week to care for the eyes of your dog. The eyes should be clear and luminous without nude and redness. Tears will be also clear. If your dog has colorful eye discharge (varying from the dark brown goop), he needs to be at the veterinarian for an infection, damage, or allergy check-up.  

Hair trimming

Use your dog's appropriate trimming equipment and give your dog a haircut whenever he needs it. We have a wide range of trimmers to choose which will make the grooming process easy for you and your dog. Go step by step. Hurry causes accidents

If in doubt it is usually less costly to consult a skilled groomer than to visit the veterinarian.


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