Amazing Facts About Siberian Huskies

Amazing Facts About Siberian Huskies

Siberian huskies have the distinctive wolf-like appearance, and they’re known for their impressive sled-pulling skills. Huskies are excellent work dogs, and they were bred by Chukchi people in Siberia to help them with their hunt.

Siberian Huskies have beautiful bright blue eyes. Moreover, they’re extremely friendly, cuddle bugs and loyal dogs. If you have Siberian husky for a pet or you’re planning to add one in your family, you should check out these amazing facts about Siberian huskies.


Huskies are from Siberia

As their name indicates, Siberian Huskies originated in Siberia. About 3000 years ago, people from a Siberian tribe called Chukchi wanted to increase their hunting ground, and they needed help to pull their sleds. So, they thought of breeding an ideal sled dog that has endurance, thick fur-coat to shield them from harsh winter temperatures. They can survive on the minimum amount of food.

As a result, they bred Chukchi dog, i.e. the relative of today’s Siberian husky.


Huskies Have Winter Coat

Huskies originated in a place with subzero temperatures, which means they’re always ready for severe winters. Siberian huskies have a thick short undercoat that helps them in retaining their body heat and a long water-resistant outer coat. Moreover, Siberian huskies have almond-shaped eyes which protect them from loose snow and sunlight.


Huskies are Full of Energy

Huskies are full of energy, and they make a great jogging buddy. If you’re planning to add a husky to your family, you should prepare yourself to exercise with her or him a lot. According to different dog trainers, Siberian huskies can record three to five miles of exercise every other day.

Huskies were bred to run and achieve longer distances; that is why huskies make a great jogging buddy. If you live in a place with a warm climate, you should skip the running and jogging exercise because huskies have thick fur which makes them vulnerable to overheating. For summer, you should play with your husky in sprinklers.


Most of the Huskies Have Blue Eyes

When it comes to dogs, blue eyes are scarce. But huskies are an exception because many huskies have blue eyes. Many huskies have heterochromia, which means the eyes of two different colors. As a result, huskies have blue, orange, gold, and brown color eyes as well.


They are Super-Friendly

Huskies look like wolves with tough appearance, but they are super-friendly dogs. If you’re looking for a guard dog and you choose husky, you’ll get disappointed. The reason is huskies are too friendly even for strangers. Huskies make incredible family member because of their friendly trait.

So, if you live in a place with a cooler climate, you have a big backyard, and you have kids, a husky is a perfect choice.


Huskies Coat Color Varies

When you think of husky, you might think of gray and white or black and white fur coat. But the color of huskies coat greatly varies. As per American Kennel Club, Siberian huskies coat can be of six colors like agouti, black, red, gray, white, and sable. There are different color variations out there.


Huskies have Excellent Metabolism

Huskies can run for hours without food, and they don’t even tap into their body’s fat stores for energy. So, how do they burn so many calories without using their body’s fat reserves? Well, huskies can sprint for hours without food is because they can regulate their metabolism.

If we human start to run for hours without any energy, we would fatigue and stop. While huskies were bred to run for hours, achieve longer distance with minimal food. So, their bodies have evolved to perform and run without getting tired. I bet you didn’t know this fact, Did you?


Huskies Talk too Much

Huskies are famous for their groaning, jabbering, and grumbling. They are a very talkative breed of dogs. Did you know that you can hear husky’s howl from 10 miles away? That is how talkative and chatty these Siberian Huskies are.


The Bottom Line!

These were some of the amazing facts about Siberian huskies, and I bet you didn’t know these facts. Huskies are a fantastic breed of dogs because they’re super-friendly and super cute. If you want a perfect pet dog for your family, then you should go for Siberian husky.

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