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What are the things to bring when hiking with your dog?

Do you have a dog?

Sharing a bond with a dog is unlike any other. Owning a dog can reward you with many health benefits like managing loneliness. One of the best benefits you can get from owning a dog is exercise.

A dog can be the greatest company when you go outdoors. Hiking with your dog allows you to bond with your pet and discover new things about each other.

Are you bringing your dog hiking? In this article, we show you the right gear to bring when hiking with a dog. Read on to discover dog hiking gear essentials!

1. Dog Leash

Before you go hiking, ensure that your dog can come to the trail with you. In most national parks in the US, people can't bring their dogs. Other trails require you to keep your dog on a leash.

It's basic etiquette to bring your dog hiking on a leash. Many hikers feel frightened of seeing dogs on a trail. Even if you have a well-trained dog, ensure to keep your dog on a leash.

The basic requirement for dog leashes is 6 feet in length or less. Some hiking trails have designated areas for off-leash dogs. Remember only to let your dog loose if they respond to voice command.

2. Stool Bag

Whether you're going to the park or hiking with your dog, you need to pick up after them. Canine feces can contain harmful amounts of bacteria. If you're hiking, it can harm the native habitat and local wildlife.

Not all hiking trails will provide dog stool bag stations. Always bring stool bags with you when you go outdoors with your dog. Be responsible when disposing of your dog's wastes.

If there is a trash can, be respectful of the environment and place it there. If you're out camping with others, throw your dog's waste at least 200 feet away from the site.

3. Food and Water for Both of You

When you go hiking with your dog, remember to bring enough food and water for both of you. Dogs have heavy fur coats and can't sweat as we do. Because of this, they may have a higher risk of overheating.

Bring lots of water to supply you and your dog for the duration of the trip. Avoid letting your dog drink from water puddles or saltwater. These may contain parasites, bacteria, or algae that can be harmful to your dog's health.

Take frequent breaks to give your dog some dog treats. Give them a bit more food to help them recover from the strenuous hike.

4. Dog Clothing

Some may think that clothing your dog is only for fashion purposes. However, you may find plenty of clothing to go outdoors with your dog. When hiking with a dog, bring protective clothing.

This can range from bandanas, booties, and insulating jackets. You may also bring canine flotation devices for the lake or river. This will help protect and prepare your dog from harsh weather conditions.

5. Pet First Aid Kit

Bringing booties for your dog can protect their paws from rough terrain. However, you should always bring a basic first aid kit to care for you and your dog. Bring a pair of heavy tweezers to remove ticks.

Do frequent checks on your dog during breaks to monitor their paws. Look for hazards like cuts, tears, burrs, and foxtails. Bring a bandana or triangular bandage for severe injuries.

6. Microchip or Identification

Before you go hiking, consider microchipping your dog. If you get separated from your dog, a microchip will help you find your dog. Other people get identification tattoos on their dog's inner thighs.

Register your dog with a proper online registration service. Make sure to update your contact information so that people can find you with ease. Have a proper identification tag on your dog's leash.

Engrave it with your dog's name and your mobile phone number. That way, if you get separated from your dog, anyone can contact you.

You can find metal or plastic identification tags from any pet store near you. Use a durable loop ring to attach the tag to your dog's collar.

7. Hyperthermia or Heatstroke Prevention

Alcohol pads and instant ice packs can help you care for your dog's paws during the hike. If your dog starts overheating, you can use these to help them cool down.

Use a bandana to wrap around the ice pack and tie it to your dog's jugular vein. You may also press this on their inner thigh, right against their femoral artery.

8. Toys

If it's your dog's first time going hiking, consider packing their favorite toys. Hiking can cause a great deal of stress to an unseasoned dog. Bring a dog toy to give your dog some comfort while away from home.

If you're backpacking to a lake, you can bring water toys for your dog to fetch. Dog toys can keep your dog motivated and entertained to continue the hike.

9. Collapsible Dog Bowl

Your dog must never drink or eat any strange sources while outdoors. When packing water for your dog, you must also bring a collapsible water bowl. This will ensure that your dog can drink and eat in peace without making a mess.

You may also need to bring more dog food when hiking with your dog. A collapsible dog bowl will ensure that none of this food goes to waste.

10. Doggy Backpack

Bringing extra supplies for your dog can give you extra weight. When hiking with your dog, consider fitting them with a backpack. This allows them to distribute the load and feel involved.

Before getting your dog a backpack, ask your veterinarian about the requirements. Some dog breeds can't carry heavy loads, if at all. Take note of your dog's measurements when fitting them with a backpack.

10 Things to Bring When Hiking With Your Dog

Are you going hiking with your dog? A first aid kit and extra food and water are only some of the things you need. Read this guide and make a checklist of things you need when you go hiking with your dog.

Are you looking for other essentials for your dog? Look no further because we've got you covered. Contact us today and let us help you get what you and your canine pal need!

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